Historical reconstruction groups in Lithuania: searching identity in the Post-Socialist society

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Historical reconstruction groups in Lithuania: searching identity in the Post-Socialist society
Kultūrinis identitetas / Cultural identitity; Subkultūra / Subculture.
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Istorinė rekonstrukcija; Subkultūra; Tapatybė; Historical reconstruction; Identity; Subculture.

ENYouth subcultures exist in various forms. Some concentrate on music and other turn towards specific activities that unite the group. One of these subcultures is the historical reconstruction, whose members attempt to accurately recreate tools, clothing, jewellery, lifestyle and techniques, used by their ancestors. They base their reconstruction on works of scholars in the fields of history, archaeology, ethnology and other disciplines and perform extensive studies of the history themselves. The historical reconstruction in Lithuania belongs to a larger subcultural field that unites various subcultural groups which focus on Lithuanian ethno culture, history and pagan religion. The goal of the article is the analysis of elements of historical reconstructor’s identity and it‘s expression. This research covers a wide range of research questions, including how and why do the members join these groups? What is the group’s worldview and how is it expressed? How do they interact with other subcultural groups? What is their impact on the society? The article is based on the author’s fieldwork within a historical group in Lithuania. Members of the particular group are united by interest in history, nationalism and pagan religion. They express their worldviews through their style and public activities like festivals and education. The unity of the group is built via private activities: hikes, training, building gear and initiation into ranks. Due to interest in history and nationalism the group interacts with pagan metal, skinhead and biker subcultures and right-wing political organizations and are in opposition to punk, anti-fa and liberal youth movements. Slight conflicts with other historical reconstruction groups and religious pagan communities rise due to issues of “preserving” authenticity in the reconstruction. The society is seen as needing education in history, which becomes the mission of the group. [From the publication]

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