Park of Grunwald battle victory, visions and reality

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Park of Grunwald battle victory, visions and reality
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Politics, feasts, festivals / edited by Gábor Barna and István Povedák. Szeged: Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, 2014. P. 30-38. (Ritual year : the yearbook of the SIEF working group on the ritual year; 9) (Yearbook of the SIEF working group on the ritual year; 9) (Szegedi Vallási Néprajzi Könyvtár) (Vallási Kultúrakutatás Könyvei)
Atminimo vieta; Simboliniai paminklai; Šventės; Žalgirio mūšis.
Battle of Grunwald; Celebrations; Memorial place; Symbolical monuments.
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ENIn Lithuania every year (since 1990) commemorations of the Battle of Grunwald are held in different areas. At this time mention is made of an important event in Europe, where on 15th July 1410 the alliance of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Kingdom of Poland decisively defeated the army of the Teutonic Knights near Grunwald (now in Poland). This victory became the pride of the Lithuanian nation. In 1990 an ambitious project – the creation of the park of the Grunwald Battle was launched in Kaunas district. The article discusses the current situation of the park, also the main symbolic elements (monuments, symbols, records, etc.), as well as planned but not yet implemented ambitions. The question is why this project has not been fully implemented and why the park is floundering. The conclusion is that this park is not a place carrying a strong emotional significance, it is not an important historical site with cultural heritage, it has nothing to do with collective memory. For this reason the territory of the park is not meaningful and significant to the local inhabitants or wider society. This is the main reason why the park is doomed to flounder. [From the publication]

2228-1347; 1419-1288; 2064-4825
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