Prehistoric Lithuania : archaeology exposition guide

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Prehistoric Lithuania: archaeology exposition guide
Clarke, Jeffrey, vertimas [trl]
2nd ed.
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Vilnius : National Museum of Lithuania, 2019 (2000).
155 p
Foreword — The Department of Archaeology at the National Museum of Lithuania / L. Griciuvienė — 1st hall. Lithuania before Christ. Paleolithic Period. 11th-9th millennium B.C. / V. Juodagalvis ; Mesolthic Period. 8th-5th millennium B.C. / V. Juodagalvis ; Neolithic Period. 4th-2nd millennium B.C. Cultures of the Middle Neolithic / V. Juodagalvis; Hunting / V Juodagalvis; Households / E. Griciuvienė; Fishing / L. Griciuvienė; Gathering, agriculture / E. Griciuvienė; Art and worldview / E. Griciuvienė; Bay Coast culture and formation of the Balts / V. Juodagalvis ; Bronze and Early Iron Age. 18th c. B.C. up to the time of Christ / V. Steponaitis — 2nd hall. Lithuania before the formation of the state. Roman Iron Age. Cultural area differences 1st-4th c. / V. Steponaitis ; Economy, trade, crafts. 1st-13th c. Trade, barter / V Steponaitis; Agriculture / E. Griciuvienė; Metallurgy / E. Griciuvienė; Armament / V. Steponaitis; Horse and rider / V Steponaitis; Pottery / L. Griciuvienė; Spinning, weaving, clothing / L. Griciuvienė; Silver / L. Griciuvienė ; Migration period and Viking Age. Tribes 5th-13th c. / G. Grižas; List of main archaeology exposition sites / L. Griciuvienė.
Lietuvos istorija; Priešistorė; Archeologija; Archeologiniai radiniai; Periodizacija; Materialinė kultūra.
The Lithuanian history; Praehistory; Archaeology; Archaeological finds; Periodization; The material culture.
Summary / Abstract:

ENWith the restoration of the independent Lithuanian state in 1990, the Museum of Lithuanian History and Ethnography reorganized the ideological historical Museums of Atheism (1961-1992) and the Revolution (1948-1992). Their collections were subsumed into the new Museum. In 1992, reflecting the fact that the collections held at the Museum show the history of Lithuanian statehood and cultural development, the Museum was named the National Museumof the History of the Lithuanian State and Culture. In 1993, the Museum Statute confirmed a shortened name, summing up the content of the collections: as of 1997, the National Museum of Lithuania became the official name of the Museum. 29 February 1999 marks the 35 th anniversary of the Museum’s presence in the historical center of Lithuania, the territory of the Vilnius castles. In 1968, the first Lithuanian history exposition, beginning with a hall devoted to Lithuanian archaeology, was opened at the New Arsenal. 30 years later, under the independent Lithuanian state, the Museum began the work of renewing the exposition. The Lithuanian archaeology exposition is located in two halls of the Old Arsenal. Continuing the history and traditions of the Museum of Antiquities, the next Museum exposition will be devoted to the history of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. [Extract, p. 10]

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