Strengthening youth wellbeing through green spaces: case study of a small town

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Strengthening youth wellbeing through green spaces: case study of a small town
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Vadybos mokslas ir studijos - kaimo verslų ir jų infrastruktūros plėtrai [Management theory and studies for rural business and infrastructure development]. 2020, T. 42, Nr. 2, p. 178-192
Atvejo analizė; Gerovė; Jaunimas; Mažas miestelis; Miestelis; Žaliosios erdvės.
Case study; Green spaces; Small town; Wellbeing; Youth.
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ENThe article deals with the concept of green spaces as a part of green infrastructure by highlighting its benefit to wellbeing of the youth living in a small town. Properly maintained and equipped green spaces are positive elements of living environment which attracts youth to stay where they live and not to move to cities. The increasing interest in wellbeing issues in different territorial levels reveals the necessity to explore how youth wellbeing can be strengthened by using, being and acting in green spaces. The aim of the article is to analyse the importance of green spaces to youth wellbeing. The research question: in which ways can green spaces contribute to better wellbeing of youth? Case study and experts’ interview methods were used to explore the formulated research question. The results of the research have demonstrated that green spaces promote youth wellbeing including personal development, physical functioning, emotional status, and have positive effects on their overall wellbeing. The results may serve as the groundwork for further researches of this kind and as the guidelines for local communities in small towns and other actors concerned with promotion of youth wellbeing. [From the publication]

1822-6760; 2345-0355
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