Skapiškio teatrų susikūrimo prielaidos ir veikla

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Knygos dalis / Part of the book
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Skapiškio teatrų susikūrimo prielaidos ir veikla
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Preconditions for creation of theatres in Skapiškis and their activities
Teatrinio judėjimo ištakos — Vaikų, jaunimo ir suaugusiųjų teatrų įkūrimas — Suaugusiųjų teatro repertuaro formavimo ypatumai — Skapiškio teatro „Stebulė“ repertuaras 1992–2006 metais — Satyros ir humoro programos — Teatro tradicijos — Skapiškio vaikų ir jaunimo teatro studija. Darbo ypatumai ir repertuaro formavimas — Skapiškio teatrų tarptautinė veikla — Išvados.
Skapiškis; Teatras; Mėgėjiškas teatras; Spektakliai; Kultūrinis gyvenimas; Amateur theatres
Skapiškis; Theatre; Cultural life
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ENToday Lithuania's society is dynamical and modernising rapidly. Culture is a constituent element of political, social and economic development of the society. It itself often motivates innovations and accelerates social and economic development of the might of the state. The culture and art are obviously irreplaceable means of state policy, since they mobilise and educate the society, encourage creativity and openness, represent the country convincingly and help the nations to speak to and know each other. Amateur theatre is the place, where people of various professions can realise their creative capabilities and spiritual needs. People attending the amateur theatre are very sincere, especially the elderly, who have preserved national consciousness, ethnographic memory and moral values, which can be transferred from generation to generation under the assistance of the theatre. In order to reason the necessity of creative activities in the rural areas, its influence on cultural and spiritual development and maturity, as well as influence on development of culture in all Lithuania and preservation of cultural values, the Skapiškis Village Adult Theatre Stebulė, Children and Youth Theatre Ku-kii, and all theatre events in Skapiškis have been taken as the object of the present article, with the intention to review 15 years (1991-2006) of activities of the theatres in Skapiškis.The theme chosen is especially important and actual for the cultural life in Lithuania nowadays, because analysis of cultural life in such small towns as Skapiškis and making it public is a nice opportunity to help people to get out of the closed space and to introduce themselves to the society by own creative achievements, as well as gain experience in organisational and art fields of other towns or even countries. The professional activity of the author in mobilising theatres in Skapiškis, creation of performances, participation in the movement of amateur theatres of Lithuania, organisation of international festivals and creative camps prompted to systematise the experience and archive materials. An attempt also have been made to generalise organisational aspects while creating theatres, managing their activity, preparing international theatre festivals, as well as to assess the quality of activities of the Ku-Kii Studio at the Children and Youth Theatre, and the Stebulė Theatre, international festivals "Pienių medus" (Dandelion Honey), “Pienių vynas" (Dandelion Wine) and "Pienės pūkas" (Dandelion Fluff). The results of the investigation, conclusions and recommendations are also presented. [From the publication]

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