Paauglių estetinių nuostatų ypatumai.

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Straipsnis / Article
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Paauglių estetinių nuostatų ypatumai
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Pedagogika. 2002, 64, p. 97-101
Meninis ugdymas / Art education.
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LTDidėjant meninio ugdymo vaidmeniui, svarbiu ugdymo tikslu tampa asmenybės bendroji meninė ir estetinė kompetencija. Straipsnyje, remiantis konkrečiais tyrimo (n = 696) duomenimis, aptariami paauglių estetinių nuostatų ypatumai, patiekiamas estetinių nuostatų rangavimas į grupes. [Iš leidinio]Reikšminiai žodžiai: Meninis ugdymas; Estetinė kompetencija; Estetinės nuostatos; Artscical education; Aesthetical competence; Aesthetical attitude.

ENAs the role of artistical education is increasing the main aim of education is the common artistical and aesthetical competency of the students. So, a well-rounded person who can feel beauty and who can follow it in his everyday life should be educated at school but not a professional artist. The relationship between a human and reality is possible only when a person has aesthetical attitude and can feel and effect of aesthetical object that can cause some emotions. The results of empirical research (n = 696) show that graded aesthetical attitude of many teenagers attributes to an average level. Statistically significant difference between degree of aesthetical attitudes and their orientation to different kind of arts during additional education was also established. [From the publication]

1392-0340; 2029-0551
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