Kūrybinės veiklos organizavimas pradinių klasių šokio pamokoje

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Straipsnis / Article
Lietuvių kalba / Lithuanian
Kūrybinės veiklos organizavimas pradinių klasių šokio pamokoje
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Organization of creative activities in primary school dance lessons
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Kūrybinė veikla; Kūrybinė šokio veikla; Pradinės klasės; Šokio pamoka.
Creative activities; Creative dance activities; Dance lesson; Primary classes.
Summary / Abstract:

LTStraipsnyje nagrinėjami kūrybinės veiklos organizavimo pradinių klasių šokio pamokose aspektai, išryškėjantys analizuojant būsimųjų šokio pedagogų šokio pamokų planus ir vedamų pamokų turinį. Atlikus tyrimą paaiškėjo, kad šokio pedagogikos studentai susiduria su kūrybinės šokio veiklos tikslingumo, turinio aiškumo, planavimo ir vertinimo problemomis. [Iš leidinio]

ENThe article deals with the problem of creative activities organization in primary school dance lessons. Creative dance activities are very important in the process of dance education especially in primary school level, as it constitutes basis for children thinking by means of dance. Given research was inspired by my long-term experience working as a dance teacher at the primary school and as an educator of future dance teachers at the university. Having a goal to examine tendencies of creative activities organization in primary school I observed dance lessons of dance pedagogy students during their pedagogical practise in period of 2010-2013 in Vilnius primary schools. Besides observation I examined dance lesson plans written by dance pedagogy students. Observation and analysis of dance lessons revealed that creative dance activities organized by future dance teachers lack clear intention, they don't match with goals of the lesson, sometimes goal is not clearly defined and content of selected creative activities does not meet the goal. Research showed that dance pedagogy students use incorrect concepts while presenting creative tasks for pupils. Inappropriate music chosen for improvisation is an obstacle for children creativity as well. Common phenomenon features out when teachers do not create situation of communication i. d. viewer - dancer and students lose the opportunity to show their creative activity results. This emerges alongside with wrong time allocated for creative activities: or too little, or too much time. Creative activities organized by future dance teachers sometimes lack clarity and focus of assessment: assessment criteria are not given, pupils do not receive individual feedback and there is not enough promotion of pupils' active dance observation and analysis. [From the publication]

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