The Role of virtual learning environment in the ICT based study process

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The Role of virtual learning environment in the ICT based study process
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ALTA'14. Pažangios mokymosi technologijos / edited by Vilma Ruta Musankoviene. Kaunas: Technologija, 2014. P. 54-59. (ALTA. Pažangios mokymosi technologijos)
Mokinai; Mokymosi platforma; Mokytojai; Platformos; Studentai; Virtuali aplinka; Virtuali mokymosi aplinka; Virtualioji aplinka.
Platform; Platforms; Students; Teachers; Virtual environment.
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ENWhen applied ICT to education, we hold implicit within this definition that learning can occur asynchronously and at distance - the traditional classroom environment is not a pre-requisite for delivery and receipt of learning. Further, we hold that even though the traditional classroom may still be the focal point of teaching and learning for much of the time, the practices and actions within that environment must change and that ICT is both the driver and the enabler for this change. The paper presents a research on the role of virtual learning environment in the ICT based study. Totally 26 respondents were invited to answer the interview questionnaire. Male there were 15 persons and female - 11 persons. Female are becoming more active when we speak about information communication technologies they are interested more and more and are happy to be involved to IT based activities. [From the publication]

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