Lithuania: after 100 before

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Lithuania: after 100 before
Lietuvos politika; Lietuvos kultūra; Švietimas Lietuvoje; Komunistinis režimas Lietuvoje
Politics of Lithuania; Culture of Lithuania; Education in Lithuania; Communist regime in Lithuania
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ENThe behaviour patterns of pre-modern societies remained static for thousands of years. Even in our days, some etiologists waste arguments and energy attempting to prove that we are not much different from pre-historic people and that we can live in harmony with each other. However, people from our days proved that they could transform their social and political structure, the nature of their interpersonal relations, their economic activities and a host of other behaviours within a decade or two. Consider a resident of any of the Lithuanian towns, born in 1910 and living to a hundred or so. This person spent their early childhood years in the Romanov Empire of Nicholas II and their childhood, teenage and youth in the interwar independent Republic of Lithuania. This person lived under both Soviet (1940–1941, 1944–1991) and Nazi occupation (1941–1944), was a Soviet citizen and passed away as a citizen of democratic Lithuania. Thus, they managed to be a part of five very different sociopolitical systems. This person’s life trip across different systems has already drawn the fascination of the artisans. The documentary film by sisters Vilma and Jūratė Samulionytė with the Lithuanian and German title ‘Močiute, Guten Tag’ (eng. Hello Grandmother) describes the life of their German born grandmother through all of the 20th century in Lithuania.1 The speed-up of history is evident, and the breakup of the Old Order should be researched further in order to systematise and predict further changes. The last 100 years have demonstrated the tendency of accelerated social, political and technological developments across the globe. [Extract, p. 165]

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