Poradnictwo w "Porach roku" K. Donelaitisa jako odzwierciedlenie światopoglądu poety

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Poradnictwo w "Porach roku" K. Donelaitisa jako odzwierciedlenie światopoglądu poety
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Donelaitis, poema Metai; Kristijonas Donelaitis; Literatūra, XVIII a.; Patarimas (pamokymas); Poema „Metai“; Reformation; Vertybės.
Counseling (precept); Donelaitis; Kristijonas Donelaitis; Lithuanian literature, 18th century; Poem Seasons; Poem „The Seasons“; Reformation; Values.
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ENKristijonas Donelaitis's Counseling in "The Seasons" - Reflection of the Writer's World View. The poem "The Seasons" ("Metai") - can be perceived in terms of its form, language and poetic content as a guidebook of everyday life and as a tutorial on a personality formation. Due to the universal character of value system presented by Donelaitis in "The Seasons", the numerous of indicated instructions, tips and advices have not become out of date in the moral, philosophical and identity sense. Donelaitis presented in "The Seasons" a traditional world view, which is characteristic of Lutheranism. He fullfilled his mission with the greatest responsibility and awareness - both as a pastor and as a poet. In the case of Donelaitis, we can speak about a kind of symbiosis of these two dimensions. He treated writing as a vocation, as an expression of the will of the Supreme, which was characteristic of the aesthetic of his times. The article discusses some Donelaitis' poetic features, which are a reflection of the Protestant world view’s principles based on the form of advices and sermons. It includes also analysis of advices’ topics (national identity; types of works, which were maintained at different times of year; Donelaitis' theology; food concept), presentation of advices' classification, as well as, discussion on narrative system used in the poem. [From the publication]

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