Teamwork - the assumptions of the theoretical construct adaptation in organization activity (Lithuanian case)

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Teamwork - the assumptions of the theoretical construct adaptation in organization activity (Lithuanian case)
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Human resources management and ergonomics [HRM&E]. 2012, vol. 7, no. 2, p. 78-94
Asmeninė charakteristikos; Asmeninės savybės; Komanda; Komandos formavimo etapai; Komandos vaidmenys
Personal characteristics; Stages of team building; Team; Team roles
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ENThe article analyses practical adaptation possibilities of well-known scientists (Mayo, Homans, Schein, Katzenbach, Belbin and others.) theoretical provisions in organizing teamwork. In scientific literature the team concept is interpreted in different ways, so in the article a particular attention is paid to the understanding of teamwork problems. The author of the article agrees with the opinion of the scientists who defend the position that teamwork environment forming media is groups’ of workers way through several stages of team building. The author’s research shows that putting employees into teams according to the widely applied practice, where preference is given to formal requirements (education, work experience, knowledge of foreign languages, etc.) does not always help the organization to achieve the pursued objectives. One of the most important reasons of it – not enough attention is given to the natural characteristics of an individual to perform certain types of tasks. The author of the article used the theoretical base of R. M. Belbin, when investigating the priority conduct profiles of people in various work situations and interviewed nearly 2 thousand respondents in Lithuania, which helped to identify the prevailing team roles. The results of the research confirmed usefulness of R. M. Belbin team roles theory in the practical work of organizations. The theoretical principles of teamwork discussed in the article and the application of the research results into practice help to develop a focused work teams. [From the publication]

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