Prigimtinė gamtojauta: "buvimas išvien"

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Straipsnis / Article
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Prigimtinė gamtojauta: "buvimas išvien"
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Inborn sense of nature: "being together"
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LDB Open.
Dvasinė ekologija; Ekologinė sąmonė; Etnokultūra; Fenomenologija; Gamta; Gamtojauta; Lietuvių literatūra; Literatūra; Prigimtinė gamtojauta; Santykis su gamta; Vienis; Viktorija Daujotytė
Being as one; Ecological consciousness; Ethnoculture; Innate feeling of nature; Literature; Lithuanian literature; Nature; Phenomenology; Relationship to nature; Spiritual ecology; Viktorija Daujotytė
Summary / Abstract:

LTDviejuose literatūrologės, fenomenologės profesorės Viktorijos Daujotytės straipsniuose svarstoma, kaip formuojasi pirminiai žmogaus santykiai su gamta ir kaip jie mus keičia. Ką mums sako patirtis ir ką patiriame iš literatūros. Kokie santykiai tarp gamtojautos, kuri suvokiama kaip prigimtinės kultūros buvimo būdas ir atrama, gamtonaudos ir gamtosaugos? Atkreiptas dėmesys į tyliosios kultūros fenomeną ir ekologinę etiką, kuri lietuvių literatūros tekstuose siejama su gailesčiu. [Iš leidinio]

ENLiteraturologist and professor of phenomenology, Viktorija Daujotytė, in her article raises age-old, yet still relevant, questions: how does people’s primal relationship to nature form and how does it change us? What does experience tell us? What do we experience from literature? What patterns emerge? What are the relationships between sensing nature, understood as the existence of and support for native culture, and using nature, which is a materialistic understanding of nature, and preserving nature? The contradiction between a remnant and waste is highlighted. A remnant is something that can still be purposefully used, something that comes from an intense relationship with one’s surroundings, remains in our memories; on the other hand, waste comes from excess, extensive consumerism. Attention is drawn to the newly-appearing definitions of natural capital, ecosystem services. The phenomenon of quiet culture is taken into account as a contradiction. Ecological ethics are linked to compassion, and this is illustrated with texts from Lithuanian literature. [From the publication]

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