Durch biografische Umstände bestimmter lernmotivationsstrukturwandel des Pädagogen

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Durch biografische Umstände bestimmter lernmotivationsstrukturwandel des Pädagogen
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Change in the structure of pedagogue's learn motivation caused by biographical circumstances
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Visuomenės saugumas ir viešoji tvarka [Public security and public order]. 2018, 21, p. 93-103
Mokytojų ugdymas / Teacher education.
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ENThis article emphasizes experience determined by biographical circumstances, which encouraged informal learning and simultaneously became the basis for competences of a teacher’s profession. While talking about lifelong learning and constantly growing requirements for teachers’ professionalism, initially it is important to understand how development of teacher’s competences occurs by learning informally. Only then one can talk about structures enabling this process. The aim of the article is to reveal a calling experienced by an individual and his/her decision to become a teacher as one of the conditions promoting informal learning and leading to development of one’s professional competences. The analysis and outcomes of the obtained data are grounded on the theory of abductive research logic according to Peirce and theory-based methodology according to Strauss and Corbin (1996). The life stories of the participants in the research reveal the significant resources for the pedagogue‘s professional competence and their informal learning activities in biographical conditions. These resources are the basis for the development of professional competence for informal learning processes. They determine the need for the pedagogue's professional competence to develop: The dynamics of informal learning motivation is determined by the subjective experience of learning, the successful outcomes of professional tasks, the feeling of self-realization being experienced and the positive assessment of the surrounding people. Knowledge and understanding acquired through informal learning processes can become a prerequisite for choosing a pedagogue's profession and / or for further improvement of the pedagogue, the desire to develop not only by informal but also by formal learning. [From the publication]

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