The Incentives for the rational use of the healthcare services in Lithuania

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The Incentives for the rational use of the healthcare services in Lithuania
National government expenditures and health; Health general; Health behavior; Analysis of health care; Markets; Public health
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ENThe longer life expectancy and the increased overall number of the noncommunicable diseases is one of the main challenges of the health care systems in European Union countries. The early diagnostics and the control of the non-communicable diseases in the primary level may help to reduce the costs of the health care system and to increase the efficiency of the health care management [8]. The overall objective of the article is to analyse the health services utilisation data, and to offer the advanced model of health services delivery for selected non-communicable diseases conditions, which based on international evidence have potential to be successfully managed and decrease burden for secondary and tertiary health care levels. Data on health services utilisation are obtained from database of Klaipeda Regional Patient Fund. For the purpose of this research Health Research and Innovation Scientific Centre of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Klaipeda University received data on all outpatient visits to the primary, secondary and tertiary level during the period 2012 – 2015 of all patients enlisted to the Primary health care institutions working under agreement with Klaipeda territorial patient fund. The initial objective was to collect, analyse and summarise the statistic data provided by Klaipeda Regional Patient Fund, focusing Diabetes mellitus which according World health Organisation is one of the most common ambulatory care sensitive chronic conditions and proper management at a primary health care level lead to reduced hospitalisations because of the diabetes mellitus complications. [From the publication]

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