Pinigų plovimas

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Knygos dalis / Part of the book
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Pinigų plovimas
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Money laundering
Nusikalstama veika; Nusikalstamumas; Organizuotas nusikalstamumas; Pajamos; Pinigai; Pinigų plovimas
Crime; Criminal activity; Incomes; Money; Money laundering; Money laundery; Organized crime
Summary / Abstract:

LTDarbe pateikiama pinigų plovimo termino kilmė, samprata, struktūra ir mechanizmas. Šis socialinis, ekonominis ir kriminalinis reiškinys daro poveikį Lietuvos valstybei, visuomeniniam-ekonominiam bei socialiniam saugumui ir netolimoje ateityje bus aktuali problema Lietuvoje. Pagrindinis tyrimo tikslas - apžvelgti ir pateikti pinigų plovimo sampratą ir keliamą grėsmę socialiniam Lietuvos gyvenimui. [Iš leidinio]

ENMoney laundering can be treated in different aspects, as a social, political, economical and criminal phenomenon. Money is laundered by sharers of illegal narcotic operations, persons of organised criminal activities, persons who avoid paying taxes, corrupted officials, blackmailers, plunderers, bank robbers, terrorists, spies. It is an unspeakable part of other criminal activities. As a consequence of money laundering, diverse competitive conditions in business are formed, means are used for barbering officials and politicians to make them take decisions and create conditions favourable for illegal business, and a problem of budget deficit turns his because of his. The author suggests strengthening the foundation of legal governing, the abilities of public administration and system of justice, improving the system of state inspection and preventive law, enlightening the society on negative consequences of money laundering, legalising gamblinghouses and prostitution. It is necessary to make analysis of criminal, social and economical information and summarise the experience and practice of foreign countries in struggle against this phenomenon. [From the publication]

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