Enhancement of foreign language skills through translation in technological university studies

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Enhancement of foreign language skills through translation in technological university studies
Vertimas; Užsienio kalbos žinios; Technologinis universitetas
Translation; Foreign language skills; Technological university
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ENTranslation is often used as a tool in teaching a foreign language; its advantages and disadvantages are well known. However, rather often it is considered as an old-fashioned and boring method in foreign language teaching. Scholars argue that the use of translation in foreign language classes is an effective method as the native language and the language being learned naturally intermingle through grammatical constructions, vocabulary and meaning (Leonardi, 2010). Translation enables learners to be flexible and creative and to notice peculiarities of languages and cultures. Moreover, translation skills help them to avoid culture-bound misunderstandings sometimes leading to serious problems in communication. Thus, the aim of the paper is to investigate if translation is effective as a teaching/ learning method of foreign languages at a technological university.The paper analyses students’ (N-250) and language lecturers’ (N-36) approach to the translation method in foreign language classes at a technological university. The results of the survey show that translation as a method is frequently used in classes of foreign languages at a technological university, mostly due to the fact that the task is often included into the exam. The method is also considered useful by both teachers and students. The major recommendation which is to be followed in classes of foreign languages in relation to the use of the translation method concerns the frequency of tasks performed, i.e., the method should be applied regularly. It should not be restricted to the translation from a foreign to native language, but vice versa as well. Lecturers should be flexible as to the direction of translation tasks used: from foreign to native or from native to foreign languages. The survey focuses not only on the differences between students’ and lecturers’ approach towards the effectiveness of the translation method, but also on the viewpoint of students from different faculties (social and technological sciences). [https://library.iated.org]

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