The Process of creating integrated home care in Lithuania: from idea to reality

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The Process of creating integrated home care in Lithuania: from idea to reality
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International journal of integrated care [IJIC]. 2016, vol. 16, no. 3, 1 pdf (12 p.)
Integruota priežiūra namuose; Socialinės inovacijos; Dialogo kultūra; Posovietinis kontekstas.
Integrated home care; Social innovation; Dialogue culture; Post-soviet context.
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ENBackground: The article presents an analysis of the formulation and implementation of a social innovation: integrated home care (IHC) in post-soviet Lithuania. From 1998 a series of top-down orders to implement IHC were issued, however, home nursing did not start. In 2011 the Ministry of Social Security and Labour began a process to develop integrated home care using new, collaborative processes. The result was 21 pilot projects with well-conceptualized IHC services. Method: Using data from focus groups, interviews, and recorded observations, the research team systematically documented the innovation process, including themes and deviations, employing Smale’s Innovation Trinity framework to organize the larger picture. Results: In the Lithuanian post-totalitarian context, top-down communication was found to be prevalent. Not only IHC, but also openness to change and dialogue at high levels were innovations. Patient-centered practice at local levels could only occur when a new attitude of mind was reached through dialogue with officials at higher levels and between peers. Conclusions: The enactment, rather than the mask of dialogue, participatory program development were critical in the success of IHC innovation. This is difficult to achieve in the light of antiquated public bureaucracies, but in this case, the Ministry team, rather than avoiding the expectation of top-down communication, made it into an asset through promotion of collaboration. [From the publication]

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