Role of school principals in high achievement of students

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Role of school principals in high achievement of students
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Aukšti mokinių pasiekimai; Mokyklinis ugdymas; Mokyklų direktoriai; PIRLS; Raštingumas; Skaitymo raštingumas
High student achievement; PIRLS; Reading literacy; School education; School principals
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ENThe role of the principal in a school is critical because a principal is not only an administrator, but also a manager, initiator of various processes and, ideally, also a school leader who furthers various processes in the school and facilitates high achievement among the students. It is therefore important to study the role of the principal and how the principal can facilitate student achievement. The aim of the research study is to carry out a comparative analysis of data from several countries to find out the factors associated with the activities of the principal (directions of professional activity, factors created by the school culture and environment) that facilitate high achievement among students. Data from a survey conducted among school principals within the IEA PIRLS 2016 study have been used for the analysis. IEA PIRLS (Progress in International Reading Literacy Study) is a large international comparative study of the reading literacy of grade 4 students. 50 countries, including Latvia, participated in it in 2016. In the article, the data for Latvia are compared with several geographically, culturally and historically close countries, such as Denmark, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Russia, Finland and Sweden. The results of the research study suggest that the principal has a significant role in the facilitation of the students’ achievement, but the association is indirect. The principal furthers various processes in the school, aids the teachers in their professional activity, and builds an environment in the school which facilitates achievement among the students. [From the publication]

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