Lietuvos komercinių bankų būsto kreditų išdavimas 2005-2010 metais: strategijos ir jų įtaka fizinių asmenų skolinimuisi

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Straipsnis / Article
Lietuvių kalba / Lithuanian
Lietuvos komercinių bankų būsto kreditų išdavimas 2005-2010 metais: strategijos ir jų įtaka fizinių asmenų skolinimuisi
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Mortgage lending by commercial banks in Lithuania in 2005-2010: strategies and their impact on personal lending
Bankai; Būsto kainos; Komerciniai bankai; Kreditai; Kreditas; Kredito rūšys; Skolininko elgsena.
Banks; Behavior of the debtor; Commercial banks; Credits; House prices; Types of credit.
Summary / Abstract:

ENWhen we first heard the word "crisis" back in 2008, it seemed to leave us unscathed. Unfortunately, the situation changed all too soon and from the heights of economic boom we were forced down to the bottom. Today, three years on since the onset of the financial crisis, we have increasingly more time to search for culprits and adopt decisions to ensure history does not repeat itself. The press and other mass media often put the blame on the commercial banks operating in Lithuania. Are Lithuanian commercial banks indeed to blame for the national economic downturn? If there is any truth in that statement, should we also examine the activities of bank-related entities? Lending is regulated by law and controlled by the bank of Lithuania and other regulatory institutions. Currently, our interest lies in a subject which is narrower in scope. Did the commercial banks in Lithuania compel consumers to borrow? What was the impact of lending strategy on debt? In the first part of the paper, the authors analyse previous research on mortgage lending policies of commercial banks and their impact on debt and behaviour of individuals. The second part of the paper covers the analysis of the data obtained from a questionnaire survey. The third part identifies the findings and provides proposals. The aim of the paper is to analyse the lending policies o f commercial banks in Lithuania and their impact on mortgage lending.The objectives of the study are to look into lending strategies of the commercial banks in Lithuania, analyse mortgage credits issued between 2005 and 2010, examine, by a questionnaire survey, the behaviour and motives of borrowers and either confirm or refiite the original hypothesis through providing a reasoned opinion. The original hypothesis was that the strategies of Lithuanian commercial banks did not contribute to growth in the volume of borrowing and that consumer behaviours influenced credit fluctuations instead. The authors conducted the study of previous research, performed an online questionnaire survey, and additionally interviewed the staff of a number of banks. The analysis of the collected data has led to a conclusion that the mortgage lending policy had an impact on borrowing which makes the hypothesis denied. [From the publication]

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