Skolinių adaptavimas kupiškėnų šnektose

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Knygos dalis / Part of the book
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Skolinių adaptavimas kupiškėnų šnektose
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Variants of international words in the area of the subdialect of Kupiškis
Kupiškėnų šnekta; Skoliniai; Balsių keitimas; Priebalsių keitimas; Garsų pakeitimai; Kirčiavimas.
Subdialect of Kupiškis; Loanwords; Changing of vowels; Changing consonants; Sound changes; Accentuation.
Summary / Abstract:

ENVariants of international words in the Eastern Aukštaitian subdialect of Kupiškis are analysed in the article. The material under discussion consists of four volumes of the data from the detailed explanatory "Kupiškėnai Dictionary"; also, personal voice recordings made by the author of the text during the 2010-2016 expeditions to Kupiškis district were used. It is stated that variants of international words most often appear due to the sounds in the words of non-Lithuanian origin, which are difficult to pronounce, due to the desire to adapt a word of non-Lithuanian origin to the laws of its vocabulary and quite often due to an unstressed position. It happens fairly frequently that more than one variant of the same word is formed. The discussed layer of the vocabulary is not only characteristic of the Kupiškis subdialect; variants of such or analogous words can be found in other dialects too. On the other hand, variants of the vocabulary of this type are found in the works of the classics of Lithuanian literature, for example, the word klernãtas, klernetà instead of the word 'klarnetas' [clarinet] is used in Žemaitės works and Vaižgantas uses klernotas, etc. [From the publication]

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