Gamtamokslinis ugdymas pradinėje mokykloje : moksleivių patirtis, vertinimai ir nuostatos

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Knygos dalis / Part of the book
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Gamtamokslinis ugdymas pradinėje mokykloje : moksleivių patirtis, vertinimai ir nuostatos
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Education in natural science at the primary school : the experience, opinions and evaluations of schoolchildren
Gamtamokslinis ugdymas; Gamtos mokslai; Patirtis; Pradinė mokykla; Tiriamosios veiklos; Tiriamosios veiklos elementai
Elements of the research activities; Experience; Natural science; Primary school
Summary / Abstract:

ENIn numerous scientific conferences the question of insufficient scientific education of society at large and teachers of the primary school in particular arises. Universities, training prospective teachers, are under a lot of criticism. In this research the author tried to look at the process from the inside, bypassing subjective opinion of teachers, and studying children's experience. The anonymous survey of the schoolchildren of the third and fourth classes was carried out in six schools in Šiauliai. In total there were 266 subjects, 11questionnaires were rejected - 250 remained. As a result it turned out that only 4 % of the subjects enjoyed the classes on nature. A considerable part of the subjects (37 %) admitted that lessons on nature are boring. 57 % of the schoolchildren pointed out that lessons about nature are those during which they can do much talking. When the subjects of the research were offered to choose the lessons, which they attended without any compulsion, none had chosen classes on nature. Can this be explained by children trying to have” an easy life “? Most likely not, because almost all have chosen classes on arithmetic and the Lithuanian language. That the majority of children (85 %) being on field trips with the teacher did not observe it, did not work with a compass, magnifier, binocular(s), even a simple ruler, but sang, ate and played instead, confirms the children’s choice. [From the publication]

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