Challenges of migrants' integration into labor market of European Union

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Challenges of migrants' integration into labor market of European Union
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Vadyba [Journal of management]. 2018, Nr. 2 (33), p. 51-57
Reikšminiai žodžiai: Darbo rinka; Integracija; Iššūkiai; Migrantai; Migrantas; Verslumas; Challenges; Entrepreneurial; Integration; Labour market; Migrant.
Darbas / Labour. Work; Integracija / Integration; Migracija / Migration; Verslas / Business.
Challenges; Entrepreneurial; Migrant.
Summary / Abstract:

ENThis article presents some of the challenges faced by migrants integrating into the labor market of the European Union (EU). The study was conducted in Lithuania, Romania, Cyprus, Spain, Finland, which participated in the project “Raising inclusion to the labor market of refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants, on the basis of entrepreneurial competencies development”. Migration is part of the labor market of the modern economy and is closely linked to the globalization process. Migration and mobility are part of European labor market initiatives in EU policies. The authors of this article focus on the integration of migrants into the labor market and the problems/challenges faced by migrants and employers in the five countries studied. Migration has inevitably been touched by almost all EU countries; more or less all countries in the study face the challenges of integrating migrants into the labor market. Therefore, it is important that these things be gradually integrated into labor market and educational policy plans. Migration in the international labor market is considered to be natural, not only because the movement is part of our lives, but also for many economic, social and cultural reasons. [From the publication]

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