Proweniencja geograficzna i kompetencje językowe jezuitów prowincji litewskiej : przyczynek do badań nad wielokulturowością Rzeczypospolitej XVII-XVIII

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Proweniencja geograficzna i kompetencje językowe jezuitów prowincji litewskiej: przyczynek do badań nad wielokulturowością Rzeczypospolitej XVII-XVIII
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Geographical provenance and linguistic competence of Jesuits of the Lithuanian province: contribution to research on the multicultural character of the Commonwealth in the 17th and 18th centuries
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Inkulturacija; Inkultūracija; Jėzuitai; Jėzuitų ordinas; Kalba; Kalbos; Lietuvos Didžioji Kunigaikštystė (LDK; Grand Duchy of Lithuania; GDL); Lietuvos jėzuitų provincija; Prozopografija.
Inculturation; Jesuit Order; Jesuit Province of Lithuania; Jesuits; Language; Languages; Prosopography; The Grand Duchy of Lithuania.
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ENThe paper deals with the geographical origin and the knowledge of modern languages among the personnel of the Lithuanian Province of the Society of Jesus from its creation in 1608 until its partition in 1758. The analysis of the mentioned issues delivers an answer to the question about the adaptation of the religious Order to the social and cultural conditions of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. As far as the geographical origin is concerned, the author draws the attention on the connection between the development of the school network and the recruitment of the Order's candidates. Changes in the personnel structure also took place, such as the growth of the number of Jesuits born within the Province borders. This occurred at cost of foreigners and people coming from the Western parts of the Commonwealth. Language skills, shaping the pastoral activity of the Order, depended cither on the geographical provenance (in the case of Lithuanian, Latvian and to a great extent also German) or formation (Italian and French). The latter became popular among Jesuits in the i8l h century. This process was related not only to the increasing influence of French culture in the Commonwealth, but also to the reform of the Jesuit school system. [From the publication]

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