К поисках достояния : культурная и политическая деятельность Пятраса Карвялиса и Вероники Карвялене

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Straipsnis / Article
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К поисках достояния: культурная и политическая деятельность Пятраса Карвялиса и Вероники Карвялене
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Political and cultural activities of Petras Karvelis and Veronika Karvelienė: searching for the inner-self
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Sabiedrība un kultūra. 2009, 11, p. 396-404
Reikšminiai žodžiai: Krikščionys demokratai; Lietuvos visuomėnė; Moterų katalikių organizacijos; Petras Kalvelis; Petras Karvelis; Politinė ir kultūrinė veikla; Veronika Kalvelienė; Veronika Karvelienė; 20 amžius; Christian-democrats; First half of the 20th century; Lithuanian society; Petras Kalvelis; Petras Karvelis; Political and cultural activity; Veronika Kalvelienė; Veronika Karvelienė; Women's catholic organizations.
Moterų katalikių organizacijos; Petras Kalvelis; Petras Karvelis; Politinės partijos / Political parties; visuomėnė.
Summary / Abstract:

ENThe article analyzes the political and cultural activities of Dr. Petras Karvelis and Dr. Veronika Karvelienė, most outstanding Lithuanian statesmen of the first part of the 20th century. The activities of Karveliai were quite prominent both in the period of Independent Lithuania and emigration. The vitality of the Lithuanian state depended, in most cases, not only on favourable international political conjuncture or overall readiness of the Lithuanian society for independent existence but also on the scope and effort of Lithuanian socio-cultural elite to form and maintain the national state. The Karveliai family can be regarded as a part of interwar Lithuanian elite. The priorities of their activities - welfare of the state and society - were defined by them very early and did not change throughout their lives. The basis of Karveliai viewpoint was the Catholic attitude and Christian values. Dr. Petras Karvelis was an economist, lawyer, the manager of the newly established Land Bank; in September 1925 he was appointed Minister of Finance in the Government of Leonas Bistro. The activities of Veronika Karvelienė pertained to the Catholic Women's Movement and Petras Karvelis activities were related to the Christian Democratic Party of Lithuania. Veronika Karvelienė, Doctor of Philosophy, an active participant in the Catholic Women's Organisations, aimed at the development of education and culture. She was concerned about social issues, was the editor of the catholic press, worked in international women's organisations. [From the publication]

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