Prekybos poveikiu kriminalizavimas Lietuvoje

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Prekybos poveikiu kriminalizavimas Lietuvoje
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Criminalization of trading in influence in Lithuania
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Teisė. 2018, t. 107, p. 129-141
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ENThe article analyzes the development of the criminalization of trading in influence in Lithuania. The author reveals the origins, limits and amendments of the criminalization of trading in influence by analyzing criminal laws which were in force in different periods in Lithuania. The research is based on the historical-comparative analysis. The first part of the article analyzes the period from the creation of the State of Lithuania until the interwar period. The research shows that firstly only judges were liable for the obtainment of wrongful advantage. The second and third parts of the article analyze the interwar and soviet occupation periods. This research shows that the limits of criminal liability for bribe-takers were extended in this period. The fourth part of the article analyzes the changes after the Restoration of Lithuania’s independence. The trading in influence was criminalized in the new article 226 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Lithuania. This article has been amended five times. The goal of these amendments has been ensure the appropriate implementation of requirements of international conventions. [From the publication]

1392-1274; 2424-6050
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