Seminaria diecezjalne w Polsce prowadzone przez jezuitów od XVI do XVIII wieku

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Seminaria diecezjalne w Polsce prowadzone przez jezuitów od XVI do XVIII wieku
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Diocesan seminaries in Poland under the management of the Jesuits from the 16th to the 18th century
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Kraków : WAM : 2001.
282 p
Studia i Materiały do Dziejów Jezuitów Polskich; t. 6
Bibliografija išnašose ir asmenvardžių rodyklė.
Wstęp — Tło historyczne — Seminarium w Braniewie — Seminarium diecezjalne w Poznaniu w latach 1564-1614 — Seminarium diecezjalne w Wilnie — Seminarium żmudzkie — Jezuici a seminarium diecezjalne w Kaliszu 1593-1620 — Seminarium w Pułtusku — Seminarium diecezjalne w Sandomierzu 1635-1773 — Seminarium diecezjalne w Lublinie 1675-1760 — Seminarium w Gdańsku-Starych Szkotach — Seminarium w Krasnymstawie 1719-1725 — Summary — Indeks nazwisk — Spis ilustracji.
16 amžius; 17 amžius; 18 amžius; Vilnius; Jėzuitai; Seminarija.
Lithuanian XVI-XVIII c. history; Vilnius; Jesuits; Seminary.
Summary / Abstract:

ENThe establishment of seminaries in each diocese was recommended to bishops in the last period of the Council of Trent under the influence, among others, of the development of Jesuit schools. Under special circumstances the rule of the order allowed the Jesuits to run seminaries for diocesan priests, for which the permission of the General was required. The initiative to run a seminary, therefore, was always exercised by bishops or founding priests and never by the Jesuits themselves. The first seminary for diocesan priests was opened by the Polish Jesuits in Braniewo in 1567. It set up a model followed by other seminaries that were instituted later by the Polish Jesuits. Towards the end of the 16th century they opened seminaries in Poznań, Wilno (for the Wilno and Wornie dioceses, now respectively Vilnius and Varniai, Lithuania), Kalisz and Puhusk. In the 17th century they opened seminaries in Gdańsk, Sandomierz and Lublin. In the 18th century they ran for some time a seminary in Krasnystaw. There functioned also small, temporary seminaries that were opened by the Jesuits at the request of bishops, for instance in Luck and Włodzimierz Wołyński (nowadays Luc’k and Volodymyr-Volyns’kyj, Ukraine). In the course of time either the Jesuits gave up the management of the seminaries or such a decision was taken by the bishops. Until the suppression of the Society in 1773 the Jesuits retained only four seminaries in Braniewo, Gdańsk, Sandomierz and Wornie. [From the publication]

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