Focus on the SME management optimization in Lithuania : IMS - for image or for effectiveness?

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Straipsnis / Article
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Focus on the SME management optimization in Lithuania: IMS - for image or for effectiveness?
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Acta carolus robertus. 2012, 2, 2, p. 89-98
Reikšminiai žodžiai: Integruota valdymo sistema; Integruota valdymo sistema (IMS); SVV; Smulkiojo ir vidutinio verslo įmonės; Valdymo optimizavimas; Valdymo standartai; Įmonės veiklos optimizavimas; Enterprise performance optimization; Integrated management system (IMS); Lithuania; Management; Management standards; Ntegrated management system; Optimization; SME; Small and medium business (SME).
Įmonės. Bendrovės / Companies. Enterprises; Integruota valdymo sistema; Integruota valdymo sistema (IMS); Valdymas / Management.
Summary / Abstract:

ENThe goal of the paper is to identify the main drivers to the integrated management system (IMS) in small and medium size enterprises (SME) in Lithuania. For the survey, methods of the research were used: a meta-analysis, an analysis of statistical data, CEOs interviewing. Representatives from 124 enterprises were interviewed. Generalizing research findings, it could be pointed out that SME in Lithuania are successfully implementing IMS into their practice. The biggest benefit IMS gives in fields of documentation management of standards being realized, quality management standard realization, environment protection, organization’s image boosting and increase of competitiveness. The largest obstacle for a successful IMS realization is a lack of employees’ motivation to behave in a new way when IMS is implemented. There are more noticeable problems, such as lack of manager’s capability of IMS realization into the practice, difficulties with coordinating different standards and high cost of system standardization. It should be marked that the research participants emphasized the same barriers as the researchers mention in their research reports on IMS. Thus IMS development should be considered not only by the practitioners themselves, but also by IMS experts and researchers. The article gives value both to professionals and to scientists who are interested in practice of integrated management systems and in management particularities arrived on the cultural differences. [From the publication]

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