Būsto karjera ir jos trajektorijos demografinio gyvenimo ciklo pradžioje: Lietuvos jaunimo apsirūpinimo būstu situacija

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Būsto karjera ir jos trajektorijos demografinio gyvenimo ciklo pradžioje: Lietuvos jaunimo apsirūpinimo būstu situacija
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Housing career and its trajectories at the beginning of demographic life cycle: a case of housing selfprovision among Lithuanian youth
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Kultūra ir visuomenė: socialinių tyrimų žurnalas [Culture and Society: Journal of Social Research]. 2018, Nr. 9 (2), p. 193-227
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ENThis article examines how various institutional mechanisms of the housing policy and sector could secure or limit the chances of housing self-provision or housing retention among youth and young households. It argues that institutional social forces within the housing policy and sector could define the features of a household, and housing career predetermine individual and household behavior. Individuals living in different housing arrangements that depend on the housing type and tenure differ among themselves by everyday consumption, access to public goods and households in which these individuals reside. If housing is an important resource distributed unequally in contemporary societies, young individuals are a precarious social group because their chances of acquiring a stable housing are much more limited compared to older generations. The goal of this study is to disclose the situation of housing self-provision among youth (18–29-year olds) and young-adults (30–35-year olds) in the private housing sector of Lithuania. The author achieves this goal by using the representative survey data analysis to present socio-demographic profile of youth and young adults who occupy different housing positions and have different housing careers. The housing career of the private rent sector is associated with socio-demographic characteristics of “temporality” and the start of independent young individual’s life, while housing ownership career integrates various types of youth groups. Moreover, the private housing career of living with parents is the feature of youth pre-cohabiting with a partner in their pre-independent phase of life cycle. However, one seventh of all young households with their own children live in parents’ housing units.This demonstrates that a substantial share of young households experiences housing deprivation and lacks chances of housing self-provision in Lithuania. Other two housing careers—housing with mortgage and total ownership of housing by young households— are associated with features of family formation (cohabitation with a partner or marital union), childbirthing and childbearing. These two last housing positions synchronize with shifting household status in the demographic life cycle. [From the publication]

2029-4573; 2335-8777
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