Ateitininkas, šaulys, visuomenininkas Jurgis Krasnickas (1902–1922)

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Ateitininkas, šaulys, visuomenininkas Jurgis Krasnickas (1902–1922)
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Jurgis Krasnickas – a member of Lithuanian catholic youth organization (Ateitininkas), a rifleman, and a community worker (1902-1922)
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Terra Jatwezenorum [Jotvingių kraštas: jotvingių krašto istorijos paveldo metraštis]. 2017, 9, 1, p. 254-280, 312-313, 329
Reikšminiai žodžiai: Ateitininkai; Jaunimas; Jurgis Krasnickas; Jurgis Krasnickas; Lithuania; Organization "Ateitis"; Youth.
Draugijos. Organizacijos / Societies. Organisations; Jaunimas / Youth.
Organization Ateitis.
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ENJurgis Krasnickas was born on May 7, 1902 to a family of farmers in the village of Atesninkai, the Simnas district, the Alytus County, the Suvalkai province. He attended elementary school in Simnas, then junior high schools in Marijampolė, Vilnius, Voronežas. In June 1921, he graduated from the State Gymnasium in Marijampolė. He worked as a teacher in the Naumiestis pro-gymnasium. From 1921 to 1922 he studied philosophy, mathematics and physics at the University of Münster in Germany. On October 25, 1922, he was killed by a robber near his father’s house, on the shore of Lake Atesninkai. He was buried in the graveyard near the church of Miroslavas. Jurgis Krasnickas was a community worker, journalist, poet, writer of articles, and reviewer of books. He worked on such publications as ‘Vadas’ (Commander, in Russia), ‘Ganytojas’ (Priest), ‘Ateitis’ (The Future), ‘Pavasaris’ (Spring), ‘Laisvė’ (Freedom), ‘Tėvynės sargas’ (A Guardian of the Homeland), ‘Talka’ (Mutual Aid), ‘Trimitas’ (A Trumpet), ‘Draugas’ (A Friend, in the United States). He signed his works with a pseudonym or a real name. In 1919, Jurgis Krasnickas organized volunteers for the Lithuanian army. In 1920, he actively participated in setting up branches of the Fatherland Defence Committee in the Vilkaviškis and Utena districts. He was an active member of the Ateitininkai (ateitis – the future), Pavasarininkai (pavasaris - spring), the Lithuanian Riflemen Association and the Party of Christian Democrats. Jurgis Krasnickas was not a minister, scientist or other wellknown personality. He was a young, energetic man who could achieve much in the field of philosophy in his life. He devoted his youth to noble purposes and gave his strength to God and to the Fatherland. [From the publication]

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