Interferencje litewskie i wschodniosłowiańskie w gwarach polskich na obszarze ignalińskim na Litwie

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Straipsnis / Article
Lenkų kalba / Polish
Interferencje litewskie i wschodniosłowiańskie w gwarach polskich na obszarze ignalińskim na Litwie
Alternative Title:
Lithuanian and East-Slavonic interference in Polish dialects of the Ignalina region in Lithuania
In the Journal:
Prace filologiczne. 2013, 64, 1, p. 315-330
Reikšminiai žodžiai: Fonetika; Foneyika; Kalbinė interferencija; Lenkų tarmės; Lietuvos lenkų šnektos; Linguistic interference; Lithuania; Phonetics; Polish dialects; Polish dialects in Lithuania.
Foneyika; Fonetika. Fonologija / Phonology; Kalbinė interferencija; Tarmės. Dialektai. Dialektologija / Dialects. Dialectology.
Linguistic interference; Phonetics; Polish dialects in Lithuania; Polish dialects.
Summary / Abstract:

ENŒŒThe paper analyses linguistic interference in Polish dialects of the Ignalina region, where various languages (both Slavonic, e.g. Polish, Belorussian, Russian; and Baltic, e.g. Lithuanian) have come in contact for a long time. Œe claim formulated in the contribution is that Polish dialectal system demonstrates foreign features that do not necessarily result from direct inŽuence. Hence, the analysis of features that have occurred in Polish dialects because of interference has to take into account the possible sources: a) Polish cultural dialect, exhibiting the inŽuence of foreign languages; b) Lithuanian dialects, whose structure has been modi ed under Slavonic inŽuences; c) Belorussian dialects, formed on the Lithuanian ground and subject to borderline-type interference; d) Russian language, both written and spoken (Old Believers’ dialects, regional variant); e) Lithuanian, functioning as the o‘cial language. Œe various mechanisms of interference are depicted in the paper on the example of medium vowels [e] and [o] realization in Polish dialects as compared to the way those vowels are pronounced in Belorussian, Russian and Lithuanian dialects. [From the publication]

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