Settlement of individual labour disputes using ADR methods : a model of the Lithuanian reform

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Straipsnis / Article
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Settlement of individual labour disputes using ADR methods: a model of the Lithuanian reform
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Studia z zakresu prawa pracy i polityki społecznej [Studies on Labour Law and Social Policy]. 2014, p. 545-563
Reikšminiai žodžiai: Alternatyvus ginčų sprendimas; Darbo ginčai; Darbo ginčų komisija; Darbo teisė; Individualūs darbo ginčai; Alternative dispute resolution; Individual labour disputes; Labor dispute commission; Labor disputes; Labor law; Labour law; Lithuania.
Alternatyvus ginčų sprendimas; Darbo santykiai / Labour relations; Darbo teisė / Labor law.
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ENThe article seeks tu analyse and assess the legal aspects and practices of the fundamental reform of a system of alternative dispute resolution for individual labour disputes which is counting its first months of functioning in Lithuania after being introduced in 2013. The assumptions and performance of the reform arc assessed by reference to international standards of labour law and models of individual labour disputes applicable in HU Member States. Having assessed the specific features of the Lithuanian ADR system in the context of international standards, the authors present their research and reveal essential characteristics of labour dispute resolution practices. [From the publication]

1429-9585; 2544-4654
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Lithuanian system for the settlement of labour disputes using ADR methods / Daiva Petrylaitė. Alternative labour dispute resolutions: a collection of comparative studies / a cura di Mario Pio Fuiano, Antonello Olivieri. Bari : Cacucci editore, 2020. P. 401-419.
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