La Narrazione spettacolare : nuove forme dello storytelling: dai testi narrativi al teatro : disertacija

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La Narrazione spettacolare: nuove forme dello storytelling: dai testi narrativi al teatro: disertacija
Alternative Title:
Narration in performance text: new forms of storytelling: from narrative texts to drama
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Bologna, 2013.
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Daktaro disertacija (humanitariniai mokslai) - 2013. Bibliografija.
Summary / Abstract:

ENThe thesis starts from an assumption of empirical observation. After detecting the recurrence by theater directors on the international scene to adaptation of texts non-dramatic, but narrative for the scene, it was decided to investigate how the narrative nature of the source texts fit, or remains silent in the transition from medium narrative than spectacular. The thesis is divided into three parts. In the section on "the methodology" (a chapter), is explained the method adopted to deal with the analysis of the theater. Referring to the discipline of theatrical semiotics, it is called the empirical object of study as performance text. The second part of the thesis, "the comparison of models of communication" (two chapters), proceeds in the definition of: 1) theoretical element to be investigated in the texts spectacular, that is, the "narrative" and 2) the communication patterns of the narrative and of the play and their intersections or differences. In the third part of the thesis, "the critics" (two chapters), are analyzed some of the works by the directors Yuri Lyubimov (Russia), Eimuntas Nekrošius (Lithuania), Alvis Hermanis (Latvia). The choice fell on the works of these directors because of different considerations: 1) cultural: it is deliberately limited the scope of investigation to the stage production and post-Soviet Russia, 2) aesthetics: it was observed that the line directing inaugurated by Jurij Lyubimov is permeating the activities of younger directors like Nekrošius and Hermanis, 3) statistics: Lyubimov, Nekrošius, Hermanis have chosen to stage dramatic texts with a high frequency. The thesis is accompanied by an extensive appendix iconography. For the analysis of texts, reference was made to the spectacular view of the shows in live in Italy and abroad. [From the publication]

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