Pažadėtoji žemė: Izraelis - sakrali vieta ir tautos namai

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Straipsnis / Article
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Pažadėtoji žemė: Izraelis - sakrali vieta ir tautos namai
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Promised land: Israel, sacred place and nation’s home
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Oikos: lietuvių migracijos ir diasporos studijos [Oikos: Lithuanian migration and diaspora studies]. 2015, 20, p. 107-116
Izraelis (Israel); Lietuva (Lithuania); Migracija / Migration; Kultūrinis identitetas / Cultural identitity; Sionizmas / Zionism; Tremtis. Tremtiniai / Deportees. Exile; Valstybė / State.
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Emigrantai (Diaspora); Egzilis; Izraelio valstybė; Izraelis; Pažadėtoji žemė; Sionizmas; Tapatumas; Tėvynė; Žydų bendruomenė; Diaspora; Exile; Homeland; Identity; Israel; Jewish community; Promised Land; State of Israel; Zionism.

ENOften the diaspora fates of various nations are explained by invoking the history and experiences of none other than the Jewish people. For the Jews are a classical example of a diaspora people dispersed throughout the world but not having lost its sense of commonality. This paper analyzes the double image of the Promised Land, Israel, as it reveals itself in the stories told by members of the Jewish community and in the historiography devoted to this issue. On the one hand, Israel is surrounded by a certain aura of sacredness. It is regarded with awe as God’s Promised Land and also sentimentally as the land of one’s forefathers and of the Jewish people’s origins. On the other hand, with the appearance of Zionism at the end of the 19th c., the attitude towards the historical Jewish homeland changed by taking on a political coloration. Palestine and later Israel which achieved independence in 1948 became the home of, for, and to a nation; the place where, according to Theodore Herzl’s vision, the world’s Jewish community could hope to find refuge from various possible threats. [From the publication]

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