Sapno semiotika Jono Meko knygoje "Mano naktys"

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Sapno semiotika Jono Meko knygoje "Mano naktys"
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Semiotics of dreams in Jonas Mekas's "My night life"
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Oikos: lietuvių migracijos ir diasporos studijos [Oikos: Lithuanian migration and diaspora studies]. 2013, 16, p. 87-101
Eseistika "Mano naktys"; Estetika; Jonas Mekas; Literatūra; Naratyvas; Sapnai; Sapnas; Semiotika.
Aesthetics; Dreams; Essays "My Nightlife"; Jonas Mekas; Lithuanian literature; Narrative; Semiotics.
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ENJonas Mekas’s book My Night Life (2007) is a collection of dream narratives unique in terms of form and content. It is an experimental, creative, avant-garde dream-diary book. It balances on a boundary of several genres and combines various elements of avant-garde (experimental) prose, memoirs, art history, and autobiography. Mekas uses a dream fixation technique similar to surrealist automatic writing: it is characterized by a contrast between minimalist, very simple linguistic expressions and a complex, confusing, and poetic dream content. The contrast between the fantastic, sometimes even threatening dream events and the subject’s calm, unemotional reaction to them reminds one of Franz Kafka’s artistic principle of neutral language aimed at directly displaying the disturbing images of poetic reality without revealing the subject’s reaction. In Mekas’s book dreams gain the status of an autonomous artistic genre and of a specific poetic discourse that reveals the dream as itself being a semiotic process which, according Yuri Lotman, is a translation of individual undefined images to yield a linguistic message understandable by the addressee, to which chronological consistency and a constant change of space as a semiotic dominant are added. The reality of a dream is interpreted as poetic and cinematographic. The dreams as narratives are characterized by an artistic principle Mekas uses in his poetry and films: the activity of the artist is not to create but merely to record or fix the instantly occurring internal and external reality. [From the publication]

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