Sportas lietuvių išeivijos spaudoje XX a. 8-9 dešimtmetį : tarp idėjų, politikos ir nacionalinės tapatybės

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Sportas lietuvių išeivijos spaudoje XX a. 8-9 dešimtmetį: tarp idėjų, politikos ir nacionalinės tapatybės
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Sports in the Lithuanian diaspora press of the 1970s and 1980s: ideas, politics, and national identity
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Oikos: lietuvių migracijos ir diasporos studijos [Oikos: Lithuanian migration and diaspora studies]. 2013, 15, p. 73-84
Lietuvių išeivija; Spauda; Sportas.
Lithuanian diaspora; Press; Sports.
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ENSports always involved more than physical activity. Using periodicals published by Lithuanians who had emigrated to the West, I attempt to show what facets of meaning diaspora Lithuanians discovered in sports and how texts about athletic activities were used to convey significant ideas. Achievements by Lithuanians in sports stimulated feelings of pride in the hearts of many Lithuanians. It was customary to count the medals earned by Lithuanians fighting on behalf the Soviet flag and to emphasize the ties that famous athletes of Lithuanian descent had to the immigrant Lithuanian community. Articles in diaspora Lithuanian newspapers about sports often expressed political ideas concerning Lithuania’s occupation by the Soviet Union as well as criticism of the latter; whereas the smaller Communist press, even though it occasionally displayed local patriotism, most often criticized the United states and pre-war Lithuania. The mainstream diaspora press emphasized the fact that athletic organizations gave Lithuanians the opportunity to meet and visit each other even in distant continents and served as ways to foster ethnic identity and maintain the Lithuanian community. [From the publication]

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