Death anxiety and empathy among male and female medical students

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Death anxiety and empathy among male and female medical students
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Baltic journal of sport and health sciences [BJSHS]. 2016, Nr. 4(103), p. 11-18
Baimė; Emocinė empatija; Kognityvinė empatija; Medicinos studentai; Mirties baimė; Mirtis; Studentas.
Cognitive empathy; Death; Emotional empathy; Fear; Fear of death; Medical students; Student.
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ENBackground. Research reveals that death anxiety affects physicians’ quality of work when he/she faces a patient suffering from a fatal disease (Field & Howells, 1988, Thiemann, Quince, Benson, Wood, & Barclay, 2015), while empathy leads to medical decision making and a better patient’s healing process (Lor, Truong, Ip, & Barnett, 2015; Chen, Kiersma, Yehle, & Plake, 2015). The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between death anxiety and empathy by gender among students of the medicine program in the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences. Methods. The study involved 233 students of the medical program from the Faculty of Medicine in the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences. The sample consisted of 167 women (71.1%) and 56 men (24%), 10 participants have not specified their gender (4.9%). A questionnaire designed for the study consisted of demographic questions, Interpersonal Reactivity Index (IRI) (Davis, 1980) and Revised Collet-Lester Fear of Death and Dying Scale (Lester, 1990). Results. Medical students that show higher than others anxiety about death of self1, dying of self2, death of others3 and dying of others4 also show greater personal distress (r=.2111; r=.2172; r=.2483; r=.2194), empathetic concern (r=.2051; r=.2412; r=.2463; r=.1364), emotional (r=.271; r=.2942; r=.3193; r=.2364) and overall r=.2371; r=.2622; r=.2543; r=.2274) empathy and also had better fantasy (r=.1491; r=.1732; r=.1493; r=.1844) than others. Weak correlation in men sample was between death anxiety subscales and empathetic concern (r=.5321; r=.2792; r=.33; r=.3064), emotional (r=.481; r=.3642; r=.3733; r=.4584) and overall (r=.3691; r=.3992; r=.323; r=.4534) empathy. Very weak correlation in women sample was found between emotional empathy and death of self (r=.164), dying of self (r=.188) and death of others (r=.206) anxiety.Personal distress subscale in women sample was associated with death of self (r=.186) and death of others (r=.179) anxiety. Conclusion. It was found that medical students showing greater personal distress, empathetic concern, fantasy, emotional and overall empathy have a stronger sense of death anxiety. Correlations between death anxiety and empathy found in men sample were specified as weak, meanwhile correlations found in women sample were specified as very weak. [From the publication]

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