Soviet manipulation of the memory of the Lithuanian guerrilla war

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Soviet manipulation of the memory of the Lithuanian guerrilla war
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Polish political science review. 2015, vol. 3, no. 1, p. 4-16
20 amžius; Lietuva okupacijų metais (1940 – 1990).
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Kolektyvinė atmintis; Kolektyvinė atmintis, sovietizacija; Lietuvių partizaninis karas; Lietuvių partizaninis pasipriešinimas; Partizaninis karas; Sovietinė Lietuva; Sovietinė istorijos kultūra; Collective memory; Collective memory, sovietization; Guerrilla warf; Historical culture; Lithuania; Lithuanian guerrilla resistance; Lithuanian guerrilla war; Soviet; Soviet Lithuania.

ENThe paper analyses the transformation of the collective memory of the Lithuanian guerrilla war (1944–1953) during the Soviet occupation. The problem that arises on observation of the collective memory of Guerrilla war period is the disparity between the sense and meaning of the guerilla war as it was happening and the shapes of its memory that emerged at the beginning of the perestrojka and the reestablishment of the independence. The shift from the high support for the resistance and it’s goals in the 50’s to the ignorance of it can be observed, as well as the changing of the perception of it as the fight between two sovereign countries (Lithuania and the SSRS) towards the internal conflict in Lithuanian society. The paper raises the question about the reasons for this transformation and the impact of Soviet propaganda (expanding it to the scope of “historical culture” in Jorn Rüsen terms). The research of one peculiar sphere of soviet historical culture, that is, the building of monuments and carrying out of the related memorial practices, proved, that the forms and the intensity of the development of the soviet narrative of the Lithuanian Guerrilla war were poor and inconsequential. Such a results support the hypothesis that the soviet historical culture was not decisive in transformation of a collective memory, and that suggests to pay more attention not to the actions of the regime, but to sociological, sociohistorical and anthropological research of Lithuanian soviet society. [From the publication]

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