The Music repertoire of the society of Jesus in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (1565-1773)

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Straipsnis / Article
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The Music repertoire of the society of Jesus in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (1565-1773)
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Musicology today. 2016, 13, p. 32-40
Lenkija (Poland); Lietuva (Lithuania); Jėzuitai / Jesuits; Kultūros paveldas / Cultural heritage; Muzika / Music.
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Duomenų bazė; Jėzuitai; Lenkija (Lenkijos karalystė. Kingdom of Poland. Poland); Muzikinis repertuaras; Tarptautinis tyrimo projektas; International research project; Jesuits; Lithuania; Music repertoire.

ENThe paper presents the research project coordinated by the University of Warsaw and financed by the Minister of Science and Higher Education as part of the “Tradition 1a” module of the National Programme for the Development of Humanities. The main task of this research project is the documentation of the Jesuit music repertory produced and disseminated on the territory of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. The results of the project work will be published in a new editorial series, which will include catalogues of sources and music iconography, monographs, databases and critical editions of music-related sources of Jesuit provenience. The publications will appear in print and on-line. The expected research results will serve not only musicologists, but also representatives of other fields of humanities. The work of the international research team is hoped to restore to the national heritage the forgotten monuments of Jesuit musical culture and should lead to a reliable assessment of their historical value. The results of the research of the international team of scientists will influence the present-day sense of identity of the countries which in the past jointly formed the literary culture our Commonwealth. [From the publication]

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