Significant artifacts in schools: teacher and pupil perspectives

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Significant artifacts in schools: teacher and pupil perspectives
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Mokykla / School; Mokiniai / School students; Mokiniai /School students; Pedagogai / Pedagogues.
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Mokinys; Moksleivis; Mokyklos artefaktai; Mokyklos kultūra; Mokytojas; Pasididžiavimas ir privatumas; Pride and privacy; Pupil; School artifacts; School culture; Teacher.

ENDrawing on the recent research ‘Dominant and demotic school culture: analysis of tensions fields’ this paper analyses found artifacts in 6 different Lithuanian secondary schools. The visual data was collected by making images of places and artifacts which were mentioned during the walks in the school territory with one teacher and one pupil afterwards. The analysis of images focuses particularly on two aspects: a) which artifacts are significant for teachers and pupils in the schools? b) What do these artifacts mean for teachers and pupils? Therefore, the analysis is based on comparing walks among teachers and pupils in all schools. The analysis shows obvious differences on re/presented artifacts among teachers and pupils. The teachers emphasized and showed those artifacts which on one way or another represent their schools’ achievements, like pupils’ sport achievements, pupils’ artworks, and honored pupils’ displays, and were related with aspects of pride. The paper argues the possible reasons for the importance of pride in schools. Meanwhile, pupils were highlighting spaces they like to gather around during non-learning time. Pupils appreciate less visible places because it is possible to have some privacy there. As analysis shows, different sitting artifacts (chairs, sofas, beanbags) play an important role for creating such private pupils’ ‘oases’. On the other hand, such artifacts, as pupils’ artworks, information displays, and sport achievements, seem to be meaningful for pupils if they were contributing in the creation process or were mentioned in these artifacts. [From the publication]

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