1848 m. Rokiškio grafystės žemėlapio restauravimas

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Straipsnis / Article
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1848 m. Rokiškio grafystės žemėlapio restauravimas
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Restoration of Rokiškis county’s map (1848)
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Lietuvos dailės muziejaus metraštis [LDM metraštis]. 2008, t. 11, p. 216-225
Grafystė; K. Tyzenhauzas; Kartografas M. Skinder; Kartografija; 19 amžius; Restauracija; Restauravimas; Rokiškio krašto muziejus; Rokiškis; Žemėlapiai; Žemėlapis.
Cartographer M. Skinder; Cartography; County; K. Tyzenhauzas; Lithuanian XIX c. history; Map; Maps; Museum of Rokiškis Region; Restoration; Rokiškis.
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ENThe authors of the article present the history of the plans of Lithuanian estates, reveal the context and the fate of Rokiškis County’s map and describe the restoration of this map. The map of Rokiškis region was drawn in 1848. There are no records of this map among the estate’s archive documents, stored in the Museum of Rokiškis Region, that why the museum workers did not even suspect that such map existed. According to the workers of the museum, the map could have been drawn by the order of count Konstantinas Tyzenhauzas (1786-1853) - the renowned ornithologist, painter and collector. The map was drawn by the cartographer Michał Skinder. The inscribed date on the title of the map is July 1, 1848. The map covers the area from Kamajai to Aknysta. It marks all lakes, swamps and streams, various prominent buildings of that time. The relief is also shown on the map - it marks landed properties, various types of forests, roads and hills. This map provides the names of settlements, location of villages and exact measurements. In the Soviet times the map was kept by Antanas Ražinskas (1925-2007), the scientist surveyor, born in Armoniai (Rokiškis district). Later this unique document was purchased by the Museum of Rokiškis Region. The map was restored by the restorers of the highest category Eglė Virpilaitienė, Eglė Piščikaitė and the restorer of the 3rd category Paulius Zovė. The technological examination was carried out by the restoration technologist of the 1st category Rūta Butkevičiūtė. [From the publication]

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