Edvardui Jonui Riomeriui - 200

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Edvardui Jonui Riomeriui - 200
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200th birth anniversary of Edvardas Jonas Riomeris
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Lietuvos dailės muziejaus metraštis [LDM metraštis]. 2008, t. 11, p. 102-126
Edvardas Jonas Römeris (Edward Jan Römer); Edvardas Jonas Riomeris; Vilnius. Vilniaus kraštas (Vilnius region); Lietuva (Lithuania); Dailė / Art; Judėjimai / Movements; Kultūra / Culture; Tremtis. Tremtiniai / Deportees. Exile; Bajorai. Didikai. Valdovai / Gentry. Nobles. Kings; Etninės mažumos / Ethnic minorities.
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Bajoras; Buitinės scenos; Dailė; Dailės istorija; E. J. Riomeris; Edvardas Jonas Riomeris; Lenkai; Lietuviai; Lietuvių ir lenkų nacionalinis išsivaduojamasis judėjimas; Lietuvos politinis ir kultūrinis gyvenimas, muzikas, dailininkas, tremtis; Nacionalinis išsivadavimo judėjimas; Peizažai; Rūmai, Vilnius; Art; Art history; Artist; E. J. Romer; Edvardas Jonas Riomeris; Exile; Household scenes; Landscapes; Lithuanian and Polish national liberation movement; Lithuanians; Manors; Musician; National Liberation Movement; Nobleman; Polish; Political and cultural life of Lithuania; Vilnius.

ENThe author of the publication writes about Edvardas Jonas Riomeris (Römer, 1806-1878), who acted as an outstanding cultural and public figure in Vilnius. He owned manors in Kriaunos and Antanašė and also had an estate in Vilnius. The author presents a detailed biography of this person and emphasises his diverse personality, which made his name famous in the political and cultural life of Lithuania. His name is often mentioned in various written works of historians, researchers of the National Liberation Movement, musicologists and art critics. E. J. Riomeris possessed a profound knowledge of music and art, therefore musicologists and art critics often described him as an “amateur” musician and painter. However, his patriotic activities and his devotion to the obligations of the noblemen estate were of more importance to him than his personal artistic development. E. J. Riomeris children’s lives took a slightly different course. His sons Alfredas and Edvardas Matas Riomeris became prominent painters in the second half of 19th century in Lithuania. Due to their achievements, today E. J. Riomeris is regarded not only as an “amateur” painter, but also as the originator of the Lithuanian painters’ dynasty. [From the publication]

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