Gender differences in body image perception among 8th grade pupils

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Gender differences in body image perception among 8th grade pupils
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VIII klasės mokinių kūno savivaizdžio vertinimo skirtumai lyties požiūriu
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Ugdymas. Kūno kultūra. Sportas [Education. Physical training. Sport]. 2012, Nr. 4 (87), p. 27-32
Kūno forma; Kūno savivaizdis; Kūno sudėjimas; Kūno svoris; Paauglystė.
Adolescence; Body image; Body shape; Body type; Body weight.
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ENResearch background and hypothesis. Previous studies have shown that dissatisfaction with the body image among girls often reflects a desire to be thinner, among boys – a desire to be bigger, taller, become more muscular and have a nice body shape. It is known that adolescents have a very precise body image which is related to their own perception. However, there is a gap in research, analyzing body image aspect, i. e. evaluation of specific body image components. Hypothesis – there is a difference in the satisfaction level with specific body image components among 8th grade pupils; body image assessment of 8th grade pupils is different in the aspect of gender. Research aim was to establish gender differences in body image perception among 8th grade pupils. Research methods. The research has been conducted during the months of March-April-May of 2012. A random probability sampling method was used with 8th grade pupils from 24 general education schools located in various cities and towns around Lithuania. The research sample was comprised of 1347 (boys n=674, girls n=673) 8th grade pupils. To perform the diagnostic analysis, the author designed a body image perception questionnaire, composed on the basis of V. Rittner (1986), A. Zaborskis et al. (1996), R. Jankauskienė (2001), A. Zaborskis, J. Makari (2001), W. D. Brettschneider, T. Kleine, G. Klimek (2003), D. M. Garner (2004), R. Russell (2004), A. Miškinytė (2011), questionnaires. Research results. Results of the present research allows concluding that respondents are more dissatisfied with their body image components which are influenced by adolescents’ phenotype. i.e. stomach, shoulders, legs, thighs, hips, buttocks, waist, shin, breast (p<0.001).Gender differences in body image perception revealed that girls tended to be more dissatisfied with their facial features (p<0.001), nose (p<0.001), cheeks (p=0.003), facial skin (p<0.001), hair (p=0.001), breasts (p=0.004), waist (p=0.001), stomach (p<0.001), legs (p=0.001), hips (p<0.001), thighs (p<0.001), shin (p<0,001), buttocks (p<0.001), feet (p<0.001), naked body (p<0.001), body shape (p<0.001), and body weight (p<0.001). Discussion and conclusions. Differences in body image perception among 8th grade pupils depend on gender, i. e. girls compared to boys (p<0.001), tend to be more dissatisfied with their body image. [From the publication]

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