Stebuklinė Lietuva : tautinės lauko misterijos tarpukario Lietuvoje

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Straipsnis / Article
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Stebuklinė Lietuva: tautinės lauko misterijos tarpukario Lietuvoje
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Miraculous Lithuania: the national open-air mysteries in Lithuania between the wars
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Menotyra. 2017, t. 24, Nr. 2, p. 97-108
Šventės. Atmintinos dienos / Festivals. Holy days; Teatras. Scenografija / Theater. Scenography.
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Emocija; Emocinis poveikis; Kolektyvinis išgyvenimas; Masinis spektaklis; Misterija; Sacrum; Tautinis teatras; Tautinė bendruomenė / bendruomeniškumas; Tautinė bendruomenė/ bendruomeniškumas; Tautinė lauko misterija; Utopija; Šventė; Celebratory performaance; Celebratory performence; Collective empathy; Collective emphathy; Emotional impact; Mass performance; Mystery; National community; National community/sociality; National open-air mystery; National theatre; Sacrum; Sociality; Utopia.

ENIn the wake of the wave of disappointment with the patriotic repertoire of the new-established State Theatre which seemed not to respond to the desire of the celebrating nation, an alternative theatre – theatre of national mass open-air mysteries, mostly organized by the Christian youth organization – came to life in Lithuania in the 1920-ies and gained in popularity. These celebratory performances were devoted to the synthesis of Christian and national ideologies; their main subject was the rebirth of Lithuania as a God’s miracle. This miraculous Lithuania was supposed to become a real experience, i.e. the masses participating in these performances were supposed to be like a continuation of the sacred, blessed-by-God Lithuania represented in the mass hero (chorus) of the plays. However, this turned out to be an utopic project. Miraculuos Lithuania was too inconvincible, too artificial, at a too big distance from the real Lithuania to become a model for the living present. That was one of the main reasons why the national open-air mysteries turned into the lifeless pathetics in the end of the1920-ies and started to vanish in the beginning of the 1930-ies. [From the publication]

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