Lithuanian-Polish relations after 2004 : good old cooperation in regretfully bad new wrapping

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Lithuanian-Polish relations after 2004: good old cooperation in regretfully bad new wrapping
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Lithuanian foreign policy review. 2014, vol. 32, p. 73-105
Dvišalis bendradarbiavimas; ES; Lenkų tautinė mažuma; Lietuvos ir Lenkijos santykiai; NATO; Politiniai lyderiai; Tautinės mažumos; Užsienio politika; Europos Sąjunga (European Union).
Bilateral cooperation; EU; European Union; Foreign policy; Lithuanian Polish relations; Lithuanian-Polish relations; NATO; National minorities; Polish national minority; Political leaders.
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ENThis article aims to analyse the change of Lithuanian-Polish relations after accession of both countries to the EU and NATO and to evaluate the influence of the main identified problems of bilateral relations upon the effectiveness of Lithuanian-Polish cooperation. The priority areas of bilateral cooperation (i.e., military and economic cooperation as well as cooperation in the energy field) and the main catalysts of tensions in Lithuanian-Polish relations (namely, unresolved issues of the Polish national minority in Lithuania and the influence of both countries political leaders’ personal characteristics upon changes in political rhetoric) are examined. The analysis results in concluding that although the issues of national minorities and harsh political rhetoric worsen the general emotional setting of bilateral relations, they do not create obstacles for the effective and substantial cooperation between Lithuania and Poland. [From the publication]

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