Antanas Kučas ir jo "Įprasminta tradicija"

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Straipsnis / Article
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Antanas Kučas ir jo "Įprasminta tradicija"
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Antanas Kučas and his "Way of giving sense to a tradition"
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Lietuvos dailės muziejaus metraštis [LDM metraštis]. 2010, t. 13, p. 40-50
Antanas Kučas; Kaunas. Kauno kraštas (Kaunas region); Vilnius. Vilniaus kraštas (Vilnius region); Lietuva (Lithuania); Tapyba / Painting; Tautosaka / Folklore.
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Antanas Kučas; Ekslibrisai; Folk tradition; Grafika; Iliustracijos knygoms; Knygų grafika; Lietuvos dailininkai; Linoraižis; Tapyba; Antanas Kučas; Book illustrations; Ex-librises; Exlibris; Graphics; Illustrations for books; Liaudies tradicija; Linocut; Lithuanian painters; Paintings.

ENOn 22nd of January, 2009 on the eve of Antanas Kučas 100th anniversary, in Lithuanian Art Museum’s branch Vilnius Picture Gallery a retrospective exhibition of the creation of this outstanding Lithuanian graphic artist was opened. Works of art from Museum’s collections and the collection his family were exhibited. Nearly 200 exhibits were selected covering all the periods of artist’s creative life. Organizers of the exhibition intended to reflect all the fields of A. Kučas’ artistic activities starting with prints of Kaunas’ Art School times, books’ illustrations and typography of the books (most of them are now among bibliographical rarities), posters, font examples, ex-librises and ending with little-known paintings telling us about the real author’s mastery. Personal things of the artist, various documents and other elements enriched the exhibition. The article retells us the biography of A. Kučas, his way of creative life is discussed. The artist has entered the history of Lithuania as cherisher of vital Lithuanian tradition, creator of his original style, the author of skillful wood and linoleum cuts and etchings. In summary, it can be said that his maximum contribution of his life was made in the field of artistic book typography. The artist illustrated and formatted more than 200 books.His conception of the book art was based on the classical one and created the basis for contemporary Lithuanian book typography. Ex-librises take quite an important place in A. Kučas creation. His drawings were put on the exhibiton after the long period of time and were seen in a kind of new light. They witnessed author’s mastery and the ability to convey the vitality of nature pulse. Artist’s educational activities are very significant. He was a teacher for entire generations of Lithuanian artists and the most outstanding masters of graphics. The national character and nationalism is evident in A. Kučas’ works and folk art is not the only mean to express it. Experience of world’s art mixed with the creative interpretation of the tradition of Lithuanian folk art is the core of artist’s creational life. In 1969 an honorable name of People’s artist was given for A. Kučas and in 1977 the artist gained a state award for his creation. [From the publication]

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