1-2=-1? (atsakymas į Aivo Ragausko "diskusiją")

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1-2=-1? (atsakymas į Aivo Ragausko "diskusiją")
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1-2=-1? (a reply to Aivas Ragauskas' "debate")
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Istorijos šaltinių tyrimai. 2014, t. 5, p. 267-278
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ENThe author has reviewed the debatable critique of the publication of Vilnius City Council book of 1657-1662 and offers a few comments. In his opinion, a number of remarks made by the author of the critique with regard to flaws spotted in the publication are correct and his reasoning on the principles of publication should be taken into consideration, however, this is just one of several possible options. It should be noted that the reviewer has allocated a significant part of his text to presentation of historical facts hardly related to the topic of the critique at times referring to authors who had research the topic earlier, yet failing to accurately indicate sources, therefore this review is not considered as functional enough and is viewed as a significant step backwards in the sense of scientific correctitude and at times even scientific ethics. The reviewer’s aspirations to offer a scientific review should be complimented, however, due to the aforementioned reasoning that has little to do with scientific correctitude and facts, the review under consideration cannot be viewed as a successful realization of the said aspirations. [From the publication]

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