Sovietų Lietuvos psichiatrijos modelio apibrėžimas : vienos ligoninės atvejis

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Sovietų Lietuvos psichiatrijos modelio apibrėžimas: vienos ligoninės atvejis
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Defining model of psychiatry in Soviet Lithuania: the case of one hospital
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Lietuvių katalikų mokslo akademijos metraštis [LKMA metraštis]. 2016, t. 39, p. 151-172
20 amžius; Vilnius. Vilniaus kraštas (Vilnius region); Lietuva (Lithuania).
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ENThe aim of the article is to define the model of psychiatry in Soviet Lithuania by taking the case of the Vilnius Psychiatric Hospital. This definition is pursued by analyzing the therapeutic practices in the hospital during the Soviet period (1944–1990). Three different stages of therapy development were distinguished. The first was named convulsive therapy (1944–1955), because this method of treatment (mostly insulin coma and electroshock) dominated the medical practice. Aminazin and other new pharmaceutical treatment prevailed in the second stage (1956– 1964). In the last stage (1965–1990) drugs still dominated, but it was distinctly complemented by new therapeutic trends, namely – some forms of psychotherapy and psychology, more attention to the social re-adaptation of patients and more liberal attitudes toward the regime of the hospital. This stage was called “leningradization” because the new influence came mostly from the psychiatric school of Leningrad. The model of psychiatry in the Vilnius Psychiatric Hospital could be defined as materialistic, essentially biomedical, but in the late Soviet period it assimilated some elements of psychological and sociocultural models. [From the publication]

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