Verpiamos, audžiamos dainos ir žosmės : Maironis - praamžės tradicijos dainius. §42-45

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Straipsnis / Article
Lietuvių kalba / Lithuanian
Verpiamos, audžiamos dainos ir žosmės: Maironis - praamžės tradicijos dainius. §42-45
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Spun and woven songs and speech: Maironis - bard of ancient tradition. §42-45
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Liaudies kultūra. 2015, Nr. 2, p. 8-18
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ENThe object of the article - the lyricism of the Lithuanian poetic patriarch, Maironis, who has been discussed in more than a few of the author’s articles.The goal - to show the deep ties with ancient Lithuanian, and even deeper, Indo-European tradition (poetics, folklore, mythology, religion). This time, singing metaphors are discussed, based on terms from spinning and weaving technologies. The article is made up of 4 unpublished book chapters (paragraphs) - §42–45 - which discuss songs and (poetic) language being “braided”, “spun”, “woven”; “silver” and “gold” songs (a metaphor of sound-light) and, finally, some Lithuanian terms in poetics (such as posmas-strophe and skiemuosyllable, etc.) which are also based on certains terms from weaving technology. All such metaphors, clearly visible in the poetry of Maironis, with their roots reach ancient Indo- European poetics, which are reliably evidenced in ancient Greek, Celtic, Germanic, Slavic and other sources. [From the publication]

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