Lietuvos tarmių ryšys su etnografiniais regionais ir jų metais

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Straipsnis / Article
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Lietuvos tarmių ryšys su etnografiniais regionais ir jų metais
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Liaudies kultūra. 2014, Nr. 6, p. 61-64
Etnografinių regionų metai; Kultūros politika; Lietuvių tarmės; Lietuvos etnografiniai regionai; Tarmė.
Cultural policy; Dialect; Ethnographic regions in Lithuania; Lithuanian dialects; Year of ethnographic regions.
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ENThe Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania, in Resultion No XII-564 of 15 October 2013, announced 2015 as the Year of Ethnographic Regions, supporting the initiatives of ethnologists, linguists, the Ethnic Culture Council, former member of the Seimas and many others. The plan of action for the Year of Ethnographic Regions, its financial capacity and implementers, has already been approved. The article describes unknown and little-known data on Lithuania’s ethnographic regions, the most fruitful cultural policy on the matter is offered. During the Year of Regions it is important to remember all of Lithuania’s ethnic lands: south-eastern Lithuania, the Lithuanians at the borders with Latvia, Belarus, Kaliningrad and those dispersed around the world. During dialect events the dialects should not be distorted. Lithuania’s regions are a conditional thing, the value limits of which are only now being finally formed. According to the study of dialects, there are only two regions (with 15 sub-dialects), while ethnographers have identified five regions, the borders are which are still a matter of discussion. [From the publication]

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