Lake tourism development in Utena county

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Lake tourism development in Utena county
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Laisvalaikio tyrimai [Leisure time research]. 2015, Nr. 2 (6), 1 pdf (10 p.)
Ežerų kraštovaizdžio struktūra; Ežerų morfometriniai parametrai; Ežerų pasiekiamumas keliais; Ežerų prieinamumas keliais; Ežerų turizmas.
Lake tourism; Lakes accessibility by roads; Lakes morphometric parameters; Lakes' accessibility by roads; Lakes' morphometric parameters; Landscape structure of lakes.
Summary / Abstract:

ENThe biodiversity of lakes makes them important as natural resource for tourism. Lakes all over the world are used as a resource for ecotourism, natural tourism, leisure tourism and they attract millions of tourists. The use of lakes for sports, entertainment, swimming, fishing, etc. is of great importance to the public. There are 2835 lakes larger than 0.5 ha in Lithuania. Utena County has 35% share of all Lithuanian lakes larger than 0.5 ha. So this is a very important region of lake tourism development in Lithuania. The objective of the article was to analyse lake tourism development in Utena County. The article reviews the significance of lake tourism development, analyses the lake resources of the Utena County. The article assesses morphometric parameters and lakeshore features of Utena County lakes important for tourism development and examines lake tourism opportunities in Utena County. Scientific literature, web sites, legislation on lake tourism and recreational activities on the lakes and in the lakeshore, ArcGis software programme were used as references for writing the article. [From the publication]

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